moved my themes to my main blog but ill reblog them to here!

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Theme #10; I'm not a hero 

  • 6 custom links
  • pagination
  • tags shown
  • hover over sidebar for links
  • colors all customizable

Preview | Code

Do not steal or redistribute as your own. Editing is fine as long as you keep the credit intact.

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Theme Nine entitled “Come and get it” by Rita

  • Eight Custom Links
  • Options to show/hide links
  • Tags shown at all times
  • Round sidebar pic will turn into a square when you hover
  • Sidebar image is 200x200px
  • Pagination

Preview | Code

Wow, I personally really like this theme! 

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Graphic tutorial

umm, i know i said(in my faq) that i don’t make tutorial(s) and idk lol ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here i made a tutorial how to make this, here two ex. THIS and THIS:


  • *English isn’t my native language so i’m sorry for my mistakes
  • *I made this tutorial and was in photoshop at the same time lol

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  • 2 Custom Links
  • MUST BE 70 x 70 width sidebar image.
  • Don’t take the credits away or i’ll hunt you down.

Live Preview | Download.

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↳ Live Preview ▪ Code (Wait for 5 seconds and click ‘Skip Ad’)

  • A hiatus theme.
  • All backgrounds and colors are customizable.
  • Up to 3 custom links available.
  • Shows link titles when the numbers are hovered over.
  • Long description space available.
  • Webkit scrollbar.
  • Feel free to approach me if you have any questions.
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This one took me forever but I got it done!

Theme 8 titled “There’s no pretending” by Rita

  • Eight Custom Links
  • Sidebar is 200px in width
  • Options to show/hide links
  • Pagination
  • Tags shown at all times

Other Options: (x)

Preview | Code

Do not publish or redistribute as your own.

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theme two: live preview // code

  • posts are 400px wide
  • can have up to 2 extra links
  • don’t remove the credit
  • don’t use this as a base code
  • send me an ask if you have any questions
  • like/reblog if using

Theme 7 entitled “Cher” by Rita

  • Five Custom Links
  • Hover over sidebar for description
  • pagination
  • Other Options (x)

Preview | Code

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✎ Anonymous: Hi! So I've been trying out one of your themes for one of my other blogs and I really, really suck at all this - how do you put a photo into the sidebar like you have on this one? (Sorry for sounding like an idiot) Thanks for your help!

Go to your blog and click customize and scroll down a little and you’ll find something that says sidebar img then click the button next to it that says upload. This will bring up your My Pictures folder and you can pick the pic you want. (sorry if this is really late my x-kit is acting up!) Hope this helps!

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